5 Tips on getting the most out of your commercial refurbishment in Brisbane

Taking on a commercial refurbishment is a big deal, requiring a substantial budget and sufficient time to complete the job. No-one takes on a shop renovation or an office fit out in Brisbane without giving it some serious thought, so when you have made the final decision to go ahead, you need as much experienced help as you can find. To keep you on the right track with your commercial refurbishment, here are the JEB BUILT top 5 tips for a successful conclusion to your renovations.

  1. Ensure sufficient lighting: Whether you are renovating an office space or signing up for a shop renovation, adequate lighting is essential. Natural light is always the best option, but this is not always possible, particularly if your premises or retail store is inside a shopping mall. So consider installing the latest LED lights, as these are very cost effective and are sufficient if you lack natural light.
  2. Build for the future: For an office fit out in Brisbane, consider whether you need a more flexible working space to accommodate changing numbers of staff over time. For a shop renovation, you must consider the trending colours and designs that are popular today, as well as updating your POS system to provide flawless sales.
  3. Maximise the use of space: You pay for every foot of space you use, so it pays to maximise the use of your office or retail space as much as possible. If this involves a redesign of how you use the space, then a shop renovation or an office fit out in Brisbane is the ideal time to reconfigure the layout.
  4. Quality furniture and fittings: For a retail renovation, customers can always tell the difference between low and high quality fittings, so always use the best fittings you can afford on your budget. For an office fit out, spend your money on high quality computer chairs and desks for your staff and some comfortable seating for the break area.
  5. Invest in professional help: Trying to organise and manage your shop renovation or your office fit out in Brisbane on your own is a recipe for disaster. It always pays to find professional help from a contractor who is experienced in commercial refurbishments.

You can get a quote online for your commercial refurbishment or call JEB BUILT on 0431 065 019.

Design trends for your commercial kitchen fit out in 2017

Are you looking for a commercial kitchen fit out this year? As we all know, trends come and go and whilst you don’t want to have to renovate your commercial kitchen every year, it pays to be on-trend if you are tackling a new fit out.

As commercial builders in Brisbane, we know that the best planned commercial kitchens depend on good ergonomic design, a safe and efficient flow through, and lots of preparation and storage space. How you put all of this together depends on whether you want an open plan kitchen or one that is tucked away out of sight from the customers.

So here are our tips for the latest design trends for a commercial kitchen fit out this year.

Open plan commercial kitchens

This is one of the biggest design trends for a commercial kitchen fit out. The pros of this type of kitchen design are that customers can see into the kitchen and you can introduce both theatre and interaction into the cooking process. The cons of an open kitchen concept are that everyone and everything is on display at all times.

This open plan design for a commercial kitchen fit out means that you need to find commercial builders in Brisbane who understand this type of concept and how to translate it into a workable space. After all, any mistakes in the design of your kitchen are going to be seen by everyone, including your customers.

Despite the problems with this open plan design, there are many examples of very successful open plan commercial kitchens, which have been taken up by a range of ventures, from fast food chains to boutique cafes and fine dining restaurants.

High tech kitchen equipment

Since nearly 40% of the energy consumption in a restaurant is due to the power needed in the kitchen, energy consumption has become a topical issue. High tech solutions are one strategy that has become trendy, resulting in touchscreens for large appliances that ensures precise calibrations, as well as the installation of energy efficient appliances.

Commercial builders in Brisbane who are experienced in kitchen fit outs will be on top of these design trends, giving you all the support you need to redesign your commercial kitchen this year.

Why not get a quote online for your commercial kitchen fit out or call JEB BUILD on 0431 065 019.

4 Questions to ask a potential renovation company

If you have decided to make changes to your home, then you need a professional renovation
 company on your team. Of course, you can DIY your own renovations, but this can cost you a lot
 more money and run months over time, because project managing your own renovations is a big

So the solution is to find a renovation expert, who has the right contacts to purchase all of the
 materials at wholesale prices and has a team of qualified tradies on hand. To help you find the right renovation company for your home make-over, here are 4 questions you should ask any potential candidate.

  1. Do they have the right experience?

There are lots of builders available, but many of them focus on new builds, as this is where they make most of their money. This means that they are not very experienced in adding on extensions and redesigning the interior of a building, all of which takes skill to ensure that the result looks flawless.

  2. What is their time frame?

Some builders are already booked up for months ahead and won’t be able to start your renovations for quite some time. Others may take on multiple renovations at the same time, spreading their tradies across jobs, which is fine for them, but can blow out the end date of your project. You want a renovation expert who can slot your work in neatly and complete it within a reasonable time frame.

  3. Who will be onsite every day?

You need to know who will be on site every day and who you can talk to about the schedule, materials and any changes you might need. So you want to know when the project manager or renovation expert will be available to discuss the progress of your renovation with you on-site.

  4. How will they protect your belongings?

Whether you move out for the renovations or continue to live in the house, it is vital that you discuss the security and protection of your belongings with the project manager. A professional renovation company will have these answers immediately, because they understand the importance of this topic to their clients.

To discuss your renovation needs with an experienced renovation company, call us today on 0431 065 019 or get a quote online today.

Looking for a Café Fitout in Brisbane? Avoid these 3 common Shop Renovation Mistakes

Any mistakes you make with your café or shop renovation can be very costly, not only because you need to rectify these mistakes, but also because they can disengage your customers and reduce your profits. This means that a commercial fitout in Brisbane needs to be high quality, speedy and affordable, so it is certainly worth your while to find a builder who has a reputation for high quality work and is experienced in commercial fit outs.

Problems with a café fitout in Brisbane

One of the problems when you have a café is that you need both a kitchen fit out and a shop renovation, so you have to be extra careful to avoid mistakes in both areas. A kitchen fit out has to provide a safe and hygienic working area, and the front of your café has to offer comfortable seating and an area for the sale of complimentary items.

So here are 3 common mistakes you can make when you have to combine a kitchen fit out with a shop renovation.

  1. Not budgeting correctly: With a limited budget, you need to split your money between the kitchen fit out and the shop renovation. If you are starting your commercial fitout in Brisbane from scratch, then you might need to spend at least 75% of your budget on the kitchen and the remainder on the décor, seating and shelving for the front of your café.
  2. Poor layout: For a café fitout in Brisbane, the layout is important for both the kitchen and the customer seating area. You need adequate room for table and chairs, as well as a walkway to your sales area and service desk. The kitchen also needs an efficient layout, so that staff can safely and easily navigate around stoves, ovens and preparation areas.
  3. Managing your project on your own: With such an important café and shop renovation, it is easy to try and save money and manage it all yourself. This is a big mistake that can lead to spending your hard earned money in the wrong areas, resulting in costly mistakes and poor sales.

Your first step is to get a quote online for your café and kitchen fit out in Brisbane from a reputable builder who is experienced in this type of commercial fitout.

How to find the Best Builder in Brisbane?

When you are ready to build your new home or extension, you need to find the best builder in Brisbane for the job. You want someone who is professional, experienced and easy to get along with on a daily basis. One of the easiest ways to find Brisbane builders is to ask for referrals and the second best way is to search online.

Referrals for Brisbane builders

Referrals from someone you trust is always the best way to find Brisbane builders. So ask around your network of friends, relatives and work colleagues, because someone is sure to have hired a builder in the past few years. When someone gives you a referral, make sure to ask them about the type of building work they had performed and also about their daily interactions with the builder and his or her tradies.

Searching online for the best builder in Brisbane

When you have a few names or even if you came up empty from your network, it is time to perform an online search. This is a great way to find the best builder in Brisbane, because their website will reflect their experience and professionalism. They will also have customer testimonials, because they will be proud of the work they have completed for their clients. Make sure that the builder is experienced in the type of work you need and if you are happy at this point, contact them and arrange to meet face to face to discuss your job.

Comparing Brisbane builders

Once you have met a few builders, the biggest mistake you can make is to select the one that gives you the cheapest quote. Cheap doesn’t necessarily equate with high quality, so first of all, base your selection on the Brisbane builders you like the most and would have no problems working with on a daily basis. You can even ask to visit some of their previous clients who are willing to let you inspect their work. The last item on your list should be the costs, because you can negotiate these to some degree, but you can’t turn a poor builder into the best builder in Brisbane, just because they give you the cheapest quote.

For the best builder in Brisbane, contact us at JEB BUILT and get a quote online today.

5 tips for a successful commercial fit out in Brisbane

A commercial fit out in Brisbane is simply a part of the retail world. The problem is that many store owners or managers make the entire process more long winded and complicated than it needs to be. This is where having a guaranteed plan at the beginning of your fit out is always a good idea, removing much of the stress involved in renovating.

To this end, here are 5 tips to make sure that your next commercial fit out in Brisbane runs smoothly.

1. Plan a budget: This is no time to wing it, because with a commercial fit out in Brisbane every dollar counts. Costs can quickly escalate if you are not careful and initial estimates blow out of proportion. So make an all-inclusive budget that includes your building costs, electrics and all of your new decor and internal fittings.

2. Find the right contractor: Not all contractors have the same experience and access to a team of professional tradies. It is important to talk to 3 or 4 different contractors, making sure that they have been involved in your type of fit out before and that they have a history of coming in on time and within budget.

3. Understand the centre fine print: Many commercial fit outs in Brisbane are performed inside shopping malls, so you need to be aware of any restrictions or requirements concerning your fit out, as stated in your lease. Sometimes, contractors can only work between certain hours and materials need to be delivered and removed at certain times and via specific entrances.

4. Think power and data points: With our rapid advances in technology, there is always a need for more power and data outlets in commercial stores. Having to retrofit these, because you didn’t anticipate your needs one or two years down the track is a messy and costly business.

5. Research shop psychology: There are specific colours and internal shop layouts that encourage people to enter, meander and to buy. Ignoring these components is setting yourself up for failure, so always be sure to check out the latest research before you organise your commercial fit out in Brisbane.

For a professional team to help with your commercial fit out in Brisbane, call JEB Built on 0431 065 019 for a free quote and site inspection.

5 design principles for commercial kitchens

Commercial kitchens can be dangerous and extremely inefficient areas if they are not designed correctly. This is why it is important to engage the right professionals when you are designing, renovating or re-fitting kitchens in commercial properties.

To avoid undue problems in your kitchen, the least of which is delays in service, here are 5 design principles that you need to be aware of when you are fitting out commercial kitchens.

1. The size of your kitchen: There is a rule of thumb that you need approximately 0.5 square metres for every seat in your restaurant or cafe. This means that if you have seating for 150 people, you need a minimum space of 70 square metres in commercial kitchens.

2. The flow of your kitchen: Prepared meals should exit one area of your kitchen and used dishes enter via another area. Equally, the refrigeration and dry storage areas need to be close to the delivery areas and easily accessed via the main preparation areas.

3. Flexibility: If your menu changes or new chefs come and go, the design of commercial kitchens needs to be flexible enough to accommodate these changes. This lends itself more to simple, uncluttered kitchens with plenty of bench and preparation areas that can be co-opted as your needs change.

4. Health and safety: All commercial kitchens must adhere to regulations regarding the health and safety of employees and customers. This is vital to the success of your business and involves the types of materials you can and cannot use in commercial kitchens, as well as the safe storage of food, both cooked and uncooked.

5. Ergonomics: More and more we see commercial kitchens that are designed with ergonomics in mind, because this gives your employees a more comfortable working environment and increases the efficiency of your kitchen.

If you are struggling for space in your kitchen, with shelves that are too high, food preparation areas that are too small and staff that keep bumping into one another, the safety of your staff and the success of your kitchen will suffer. Call Jeb Built on 0431 065 019 – professional contractors, specialising in fit outs for commercial kitchens.

How to know when you should call a Brisbane Carpenter

Many of us try to do our own handy work at home, but there comes a time when we need to call in a Brisbane carpenter. The problem is that we can waste too much time and money, not realising that a job is beyond our reach and making more work for the carpenter to fix.

Carpenters can fix just about anything that involves wood, from the simplest jobs of hanging a door to the more complex projects, such as building formworks or erecting a pergola. The trick is in knowing when you can safely handle a job yourself and when you need to hand it over to a professional Brisbane carpenter.

What types of jobs can a Brisbane carpenter do for you?

Well first of all you need to know that there are four different categories of carpenters in Brisbane:

Rough carpenters are mainly concerned with structural work in large projects. They can put up scaffolding and bracing, construct floors and building frames, and do most of the work concerned with support structures.

Finish carpenters do the more delicate or ornamental work, basically the woodwork that you can see as opposed to structural work that is either temporary or hidden within the finished structure of the building. This includes roofing, interior trims, cladding, cornices and other specialised internal or external woodwork.

Trim carpenters usually stick to internal woodwork involved in architraves, windows, mouldings and ceiling trims.

Joiners specialise in making cabinetry and customised pieces of furniture for the interior of the home.

Looking at the four different types of carpenters, you can easily see that for just about every job that involves wood, you can find a Brisbane carpenter who specialises in that area. So when should you call a carpenter?

If you are not a very experienced handyman, then it is best to call in a carpenter for the following projects:

•  Building or repairing staircases.
•  Installing windows and doors.
•  Installing cladding.
•  Building decks or pergolas.
•  Framework for concrete driveways and paths.
•  Building and installing kitchen cabinets and other cabinetry.
•  Building fences.
•  Laying timber flooring.

There are lots of other reasons why it might be best to call in an experienced Brisbane carpenter, so if in doubt, always give them a call and ask for a quote.

What is involved in a Commercial Kitchen Fit-out?

Whether you have just leased a new building or store, or you have an existing hospitality business, at some time or another you are going to need a commercial kitchen fit out. So what is involved in the process of fitting out a new commercial kitchen or even renovating an existing kitchen in a restaurant or cafe?

What type of kitchen do you need?
A commercial kitchen fit out takes quite a slice out of your budget, so you need to make sure that you have the right type of kitchen for your business. There are in general, three different types of businesses that need kitchens:

• Cafes, restaurants and bistros.
• Takeaway outlets.
• Large resort and hotels.

The type of commercial kitchen fit out you need will depend on which of the above categories your business falls, because each kitchen requires a different style of kitchen and a different budget.

The flow of your kitchen will be dictated by the type of kitchen you need and also the available space, but in general your commercial kitchen fit out will need areas for storage (cold rooms, refrigerators, freezers and dry stores), preparation areas, clean up areas and cooking areas.

What type of equipment do you need?
Again, the type of equipment you need will be partly determined by your business, but there are a few factors to keep in mind. First of all, you need to choose between Australian brands and imported brands with imported equipment tending to take longer to be delivered than more local suppliers. Also you need to consider their customer support and whether the company provides ongoing support for their equipment.

What to look for in a commercial kitchen fit out contractor
You want a contractor who can project manage the entire fit out for you, otherwise things can fall apart very quickly. For example, there can either be too many or not enough tradies on site at any one time, time frames and budgets can blow out, instructions are forgotten, jobs left uncompleted and important matters neglected.

JEB Built have more than 10 years’ experience in commercial kitchen fit outs and come highly recommended by previous clients. Check out their website and give them a call today.

How can the JEB Built Renovation Builders in Brisbane Make Your Life Easier?

Searching for renovation builders in Brisbane can be time consuming, which is why having a recommendation by someone you trust is such a great idea. Renovations cost money and you want it done perfectly the first time, so asking around your network of friends, relatives and work mates is a good idea, just in case they have any suggestions.
Whether or not your network comes up with any recommendations, you usually end up online searching for renovation builders in Brisbane as well. When you do this you will come across JEB Built, a company that has been around for more than 10 years and have a lot of experience in renovations.

3 reasons why you should consider JEB Built renovation builders in Brisbane

First of all, the owner of the company, Jason Balke, is a third generation QBCC licensed builder, so he has been around the building trade all of his life and knows one end of a trowel from another. This is no fly-by-night company, with no real experience, does a shonky job and leaves you in the lurch, because JEB Built comes highly recommended by previous clients. You can go onto their website and read the testimonials from previous clients who are more than happy with the renovations completed by JEB Built.
JEB Built - How can the JEB Built Renovation Builders in Brisbane Make Your Life Easier?
Second, all of the builders who work for this company are also highly experienced and the company has a wide range of skilled tradies on their books. This enables them to take on small one room renovations, right up to large commercial renovations. As one of the leading renovation builders in Brisbane, JEB Built have the skills and the man power to transform your house into your dream home and your commercial property into a first class business.
Third, JEB Built have many years of experience as project managers, so they can manage your renovation from beginning to end and complete on time and within budget. It doesn’t matter how big or small your renovation, JEB Built always bring their best game to a renovation.

 Renovation builders in Brisbanedon’t come much more recommended than this company, so if you are ready to make some improvements to your home or commercial property, then check out their website and give them a call today.

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How much do carpentry services charge to build a carport?

Carports are not as expensive as building a garage and many carpentry services are able to build you a high quality carport that matches your external decor for a very reasonable cost. The open construction of a carport often suits home owners more than an enclosed garage, particularly in the warmer climate of Brisbane.

Of course you can build a carport that costs as much as a brick garage, but in general your costs will be lower for a carport than a garage. When you are in the market for experienced carpentry services, make sure to ask them whether they will build a carport that comes in a kit form for you or whether they will design and build you one from scratch.

It is always good to know your options with any carpentry services in Brisbane, because if you want a carport that is perfectly matched to your home, then you might need to have it custom designed.

JEB Built - How much do carpentry services charge to build a carport?

Options for building a carport

You can purchase a DIY carport in kit form and ask your local carpentry services to build it for you, but remember that you will need to organise a slab and any council permits you might need for the carport as well.

A single timber carport might set you back around $3000, whilst a double timber carport might come in at $5000. These are only estimates of course, and don’t include the cost of the slab or any council fees.

Another option, apart from building the carport yourself or engaging carpentry services to do this for you is to hire a builder. Many local builders are happy to build carports and they will bring their own team of tradies with them as well. Even better, they will arrange the slab for your carport and organise the council permits (if necessary) for you as well.

Hiring a builder rather than searching through all the carpentry services available in your area is the best option, because you won’t need to do anything yourself. Builders however, do cost more than carpentry services alone, but they take all of the stress away from your build and manage the entire project for you – so they are worth the extra dollars it might cost.

Tips on finding an experienced Brisbane carpenter

When you are in charge of large building projects in Brisbane, then you need to make sure that your team of tradies is on point. So you usually hire a building company with their own team of tradies, knowing that the builder has already vetted them and everyone is highly experienced.

On the other side of the fence you have home owners, who want to find a Brisbane carpenter, because they want a new timber deck or pergola built, maybe a new extension to their home or they need crown moulding or skirting boards fitted.
JEB Built - Tips on finding an experienced Brisbane carpenter These jobs for home owners are usually a lot smaller than required by large Brisbane projects, so how do you find a Brisbane carpenter who is happy to take on smaller jobs, but is also highly experienced and highly qualified?

Check out the local building companies for a Brisbane carpenter

This doesn’t mean that you have to hang around building sites, asking every carpenter you see for their CV. No, what this means is that if you are clever, you can short circuit the entire process and have an experienced carpenter handed to you on a plate.

The easy way to find any trades person is to check out the local building companies in Brisbane, because they already have a team of hard working and highly qualified tradies on their books. Building companies don’t put up with poor quality workmanship, turning up late and not completing projects on time.

Carpenters who work on large Brisbane projects are used to working to a fixed schedule and a budget, so if you can co-opt one of these carpenters, then you are on a winning streak. So you don’t need to hang around building sites, all you need to do is to contact Jeb Built in Brisbane, because they are not only an experienced building company that takes on large projects, but they also let you hire their tradies as well.
So if you want a Brisbane carpenter who comes recommended with lots of experience, check out Jeb Built and you will have your project completed in no time at all.

What qualifications does a renovation expert have?

If you are ready to make some serious changes to your current property, then you really need the services of a renovation expert. The problem is in finding a renovation company who are not simply residential builders, but who also have the experience of renovating properties as well. Building companies that only build new homes, won’t have the right type of experience you need, because as we all know, trying to retro fit your plans into your current home can reveal a myriad of complex problems. So you want a builder who has lots of experience in renovating properties and is really a renovation expert.

How to select a renovation company

The company you finally select must be residential builders, because you want them to have the knowledge and the experience of building new homes. With this foundation, they will have a sound basis on which to understand how to renovate properties.

In reality, builders who specialise in renovations, must have a high level of problem solving skills, because renovations never run smoothly. For example, if you are extending your kitchen and building an addition to your home, you don’t want your new extension to appear different on the exterior to the rest of your house.

If you need new plumbing for an extension and your current home is quiet old, then you will need someone who can join the two systems together. In a way, renovating is much like fixing a series of problems, but with an overall design in mind.

On the other hand, residential builders who just build new homes, start from the ground up and just follow a set of plans. There are not any real problem solving skills required, it is just like fitting Lego together. The real challenges come with renovating a property, so you need to ensure that the builder you choose, has performed and managed plenty of similar renovations. This way you can have confidence that they will know how to complete your renovation to perfection.

So in summary, there are no specific set of qualifications needed by a renovation expert, except that they need to be experienced builders, capable of project managing and problem solving.

How to choose the right project home builders

If this is the first time you have bought a new home, you might not know what project home builders actually do and why they are worth investigating. Project builders in Brisbane can either build large numbers of houses on an estate or they can build large office blocks or commercial complexes.

Purchasing a home from a project home builder or leasing office space from a commercial project can result in significant savings. This is because the numbers of home designs from a project builder in Brisbane are limited, as are the office fit-outs in Brisbane commercial buildings

Building in large quantities and limiting the designs, styles and colour palates, helps the builder to keep their costs down with a subsequent knock-on effect to the final price. So it is worthwhile checking out what project builds are available in your area, simply to see if you can save some much needed money.

3 tips on finding the right project builders in Brisbane

First, find out if the builder has built any other project developments in the area and if possible visit them. This will give you a clear idea of the builder’s style and quality of work. With previous developments, just about all of the new homes should already be sold, so it is a great idea to knock on doors and ask people what they think about their new home.

Obviously you can’t appear too nosey, but if you explain why you are asking, many home owners will likely have a great chat with you about their home. This type of information is invaluable when you are thinking of purchasing from a project builder.

Next, visit the new build homes that are currently being built, which is where you are considering buying your new home. Make sure to go through all of the display homes, asking any questions which came from your visit to the older development.

Lastly, since project home builders limit themselves to a small number of design styles, you need to be happy with their home design options. If you want to alter the original design or layout of the home, this might cost you a lot of money and you might be better off looking elsewhere for your new build home.

Is a shop renovation expensive?

When you are in the retail industry, a shop renovation is simply part of doing business. This is particularly relevant when you lease space in a shopping mall, because new a new shop fit out every so many years, is written into your contract.

You also need new interior fit outs when you first lease a retail space, when your business needs a makeover or when you are rebranding. Even though you have to invest your money in these renovations, it doesn’t mean that they have to cost you an arm and a leg.

One huge tip is to source a reliable and experieinced building company, who specialise in shop renovation. This is because with a builder on your team, you have someone on-site who can sort out any building problems and give you expert advice when it is needed fast.

A builder will also have a team of carpenters, electricians and plumbers all ready to work on your shop fit out, so you don’t have to source any of these yourself. They will also have access to wholesale prices on building and construction materials, saving you even more money by not buying retail.

So how do you source an experienced builder for your next shop renovation?

If you have already used a builder on previous fit outs, then you can ask them for a quote and compare it with at least two other quotes from new builders. As with any renovation, it is sensible to source three different quotes so you are sure that you are receiving value for money.

To locate other building companies who specialise in interior fit outs, you can ask other shop owners in your network to give you recommendations and also search online as well. You will want to check their websites, to make sure that they do have experience in renovating retail shops and also read their client testimonials.

Lastly, arrange a meeting with them so you can decide whether or not you would work well together, as this is an important part of any renovation. Once you have found your builder – it is full steam ahead for your new store fit out.

How to hire a residential construction company

Building your new home or renovating your current home is an exciting time, so you want to make sure that you hire the best residential construction company right at the start of your project. Residential construction is not for the faint hearted and most of us would never attempt to do it ourselves.
There is a huge learning curve if you decide to project manage the build yourself, and it will eat into your time and your budget to such an extent that you should really give it some serious thought, before you take on a build yourself.
When you hire a residential construction company, they have all the trades you need, such as a residential carpenter, electrician, plumber and roofers, so you don’t have to source any of these yourself. They also have access to a network of wholesalers, where they can purchase all of the building materials at mates rates – another big saving compared to the retail prices you would have to pay.

So how do you hire a residential construction company?

The best place to start is by asking around your network of friends, relatives and work colleagues for anyone that they can recommend. If they have had any construction performed in the past few years and were happy with the work, then this is a great starting point for your search.
The second step is to search online and check out a few residential construction company websites. You want to look at how professional their website appears and how much valuable information they have on their site. This will give you some idea of how considerate they are of their clients – because they can put themselves in your shoes.
When they provide you with all the information you need on their website, then it’s most probably because they are easy to work with and are very experienced. Next, look for client testimonials on their website, because if they are proud of their work they will have many of these – as they are a good selling point for the builder.
Lastly, meet with the builder face-to-face, as this gives you a fair idea of how well you will get along with them during your residential construction. With these few tips you should easily find the right builder for your next project.

Why do I need a commercial kitchen fit out?

Well, the answer to this question is that if you don’t have a commercial retail outlet, then you don’t need a commercial kitchen fit out. However, if you run a commercial kitchen or are opening a new start-up restaurant or cafe, then you must have a good quality kitchen fit out for your business.

3 benefits of a commercial kitchen fit out
There are 3 clear reasons why you need a commercial kitchen – safety, hygiene and workflow.

1. Fire suppression systems: When you completely gut a kitchen space, this is the ideal time to make sure that the fire suppression systems are all up to code and working well. The last thing you want is for a kitchen fire to get out of control and endanger everyone in the building.

If your restaurant or cafe is located within a mall or a larger multi-use building, then this might be overseen by the building or mall’s management team, but it always pays to be doubly sure that the fire suppression system is up to date and working.

2. Stainless steel is hygienic: The majority of food preparation areas, stoves and ovens in kitchen fit outs tend to be manufactured from stainless steel and there is a good reason for this – hygiene. Stainless steel is easy to keep clean, it is resistant to the growth of micro-organisms, it is low maintenance and easy to keep clean.

So if your current commercial kitchen has lots of timber or old outdated work surfaces, it is about time that you updated with a high quality, commercial kitchen fit out.

3. Workflow planning: A well designed kitchen is more efficient and an efficient kitchen keeps customers and staff happy, as well as making you more money. Any company that specialises in commercial kitchen fit outs will know all about workflows in kitchens and how to maximise this in your space.

If your commercial kitchen is outdated, difficult to work in, inefficient and is losing you money, it is time for a serious renovation that will bring your kitchen bang up to date. So ask around your network and locate a reputable company for your kitchen makeover and look forward to increased profits and happy customers.

How important is shop renovation?

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A high quality shop renovation is still important to bringing consumers in through your doors. Even though the vast majority of retail sales are still made in physical stores, this is no time for shop owners to be complacent. More and more, consumers are shopping online and that is simply going to increase as time moves on.
So you might ask, that since you have an online website, what does it really matter where the consumer purchases your products – a sale is still a sale isn’t it?
Well you are right, but when you have a shopper in your store it is so much easier to upsell to them face-to-face than it is online. So it still comes down to encouraging shoppers into your physical store, which brings us back to the importance of shop renovations and taking advantage of companies who can smoothly liaise with Brisbane renovation architects.

So why is shop renovation still important?

With omni-channel retailing, your store still needs to appeal to the changing needs of the consumer. Omni-channel retailing is all the rage right now and is when a customer buys online, but comes into your store to collect their products. This gives you the opportunity to upsell to them, to enrol them in your loyalty program or to personally invite them to a new product launch.
Don’t forget that renovating your shop on a predefined schedule is also quite often a condition of a lease in the larger shopping malls. So this is the perfect time to bring a Brisbane renovation architect on-board along with a renovation company that specialises in commercial retail fit-outs.
It is always a challenge when you need to renovate your store, because you want to minimise your downtime, whilst at the same time maximise your potential profits from the refit. There is no doubt however, that consumers like a newly designed store, because they become bored with the old layout and decor and appreciate a new vibe.
So don’t despair if you need a new shop renovation, think of it as an opportunity to re-engage with your customers and to bring new customers into your store.