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Your kitchen is the heart of your home. So why settle for anything less than the best? With JEB built’s kitchen renovation services, available for clients throughout Brisbane, you’ll finally be able to achieve the kitchen of your dreams without the nightmarish price tag.

It’s not built best, if it’s not JEB built.

Why should you renovate your kitchen?

Kitchens are amongst the most frequented rooms of a home. It’s not just central to your lifestyle, your daily activity and your physical home, it’s also hugely impactful on the entire ambience, feel and look of your house.

From cooking and food preparation in a kitchen that’s designed and built to make life easier, to entertaining guests in a space you can be proud of, a renovated kitchen will change your life in more ways than one. With JEB Built’s team of experienced and local renovators, we will transform your kitchen so that it functions the way you need and looks the way you want. 

Whether your kitchen is outdated and old or you just want to explore some opportunities to freshen it up a bit, contact our team today for an obligation-free consultation. 

Why choose JEB Built?

Quality kitchen renovations

JEB Built has built more than just residential and commercial buildings: we’ve built a reputation for high quality services. We pride ourselves on our work and go the extra mile to ensure everything exceeds the expectations of our clients. Thanks to our meticulous attention to detail and years of professional experience, you can rest assured that a JEB job is a job done right.

Tailored services

Every client of ours is different, and so are their homes. That’s why we tailor the kitchen renovation and building services we offer to suit the specific requirements and preferences of our clients. Through transparent communication every step of the way and close collaboration with our clients, we guarantee a stress-free experience from start to finish.

Renovations within your budget

We’ve done it all! Kitchen renovations on a tight budget… Top to toe rebuilds where we’ve thrown everything, including the kitchen sink, into the renovation… And anything in between. We value your investment into your kitchen and are able to offer services for all kinds of budgets. 

Punctual project completion

Time is money as well, and that’s exactly why we operate according to strict schedules and protocols to make sure your kitchen renovation will be completed and delivered on time. There’s nothing worse than having your exciting new kitchen delayed and delayed and delayed. With JEB Built, you don’t have to worry. We boast a solid reputation for delivering projects on time, on budget, and above and beyond expectation. 

Understanding the costs of a kitchen renovation in Brisbane

We know that most homeowners can’t wait to get stuck into a kitchen renovation and replace their worn, tired or old kitchen with a sparkling, brand new one. However, some clients express concern about the expected costs of renovating their kitchen.

Whether or not you desperately need a kitchen makeover, the costs involved can be off-putting for some and a significant obstacle for others. 

When we say that we’re able to offer affordable renovation services for budgets of all sizes, we really mean it. How do we do it?

Internal tradies to save you money

Simple: we use our own internal team of builders and tradies. This allows us to not only quality control and guarantee that your kitchen will be done the right way on the first go, but it also allows us to save money in labour costs. It’s a saving we pass straight on to you.

Industry network of suppliers

The JEB Built team has cultivated an extensive and highly valuable network of industry suppliers. Our professional yet personable relationships with our partners ensure we’re able to get materials and other necessary supplies at market-leading prices. 

By keeping our costs down, we’re able to help you keep your costs down. It’s just one of the many reasons why a JEB Built kitchen is a better built kitchen.

Your kitchen renovation is a smart investment

We have many clients who choose to pay for their kitchen renovation or replacement by using some of their home equity. 

Considering that an up-to-date, modern and highly practical kitchen will just about always increase the value of your home (not to mention how it will enhance your daily life in the meantime), it’s often a smart long-term investment.

What goes into a kitchen renovation?

There are two ways to approach renovating your kitchen.

  1. You can come to us with a set budget and we can consult with you on what can or cannot be achieved realistically with that amount with a tailored kitchen design.
  2. Or you can bring a design and layout to us for your dream kitchen, and we’ll provide a transparent and upfront quote for all of the necessary work.

Comprehensive, transparent quotes with no hidden costs

Our quotes can include anything and everything you want. Whether you want us to source appliances or you want to find them yourselves, or whether you want a completely new kitchen or just a bit of a face-lift, our quotes can incorporate it all.

To help you get started on thinking about your own kitchen renovation, here’s a list of what our quotes can include:

  • Demolition and removal of your old kitchen.
  • Removal of walls and/or building of new walls, windows, doors and skylights.
  • All electrics and light fittings throughout the kitchen.
  • Installation and connection of gas outlets.
  • New cabinets, benches and bench tops or simple replacements.
  • Plumbing work including the comprehensive installation of new sinks, taps and dishwashers.
  • Sourcing and installation of new stove, hood and oven.
  • Any necessary painting, and installation of cornices and skirting boards.
  • Installation of splashbacks and sourcing of materials.

Let’s explore the endless potential today

We’re located in Sunnybank Hills but provide kitchen renovations Brisbane wide. So whether you’re ready to get started on the ultimate kitchen reno project or just want to chat a bit more about the opportunities available, call us on 0431 065 019 or send us an enquiry form online.​

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