How to know when you should call a Brisbane Carpenter

Many of us try to do our own handy work at home, but there comes a time when we need to call in a Brisbane carpenter. The problem is that we can waste too much time and money, not realising that a job is beyond our reach and making more work for the carpenter to fix.

Carpenters can fix just about anything that involves wood, from the simplest jobs of hanging a door to the more complex projects, such as building formworks or erecting a pergola. The trick is in knowing when you can safely handle a job yourself and when you need to hand it over to a professional Brisbane carpenter.

What types of jobs can a Brisbane carpenter do for you?

Well first of all you need to know that there are four different categories of carpenters in Brisbane:

Rough carpenters are mainly concerned with structural work in large projects. They can put up scaffolding and bracing, construct floors and building frames, and do most of the work concerned with support structures.

Finish carpenters do the more delicate or ornamental work, basically the woodwork that you can see as opposed to structural work that is either temporary or hidden within the finished structure of the building. This includes roofing, interior trims, cladding, cornices and other specialised internal or external woodwork.
Trim carpenters usually stick to internal woodwork involved in architraves, windows, mouldings and ceiling trims.

Joiners specialise in making cabinetry and customised pieces of furniture for the interior of the home.

Looking at the four different types of carpenters, you can easily see that for just about every job that involves wood, you can find a Brisbane carpenter who specialises in that area. So when should you call a carpenter?

If you are not a very experienced handyman, then it is best to call in a carpenter for the following projects:

•  Building or repairing staircases.
•  Installing windows and doors.
•  Installing cladding.
•  Building decks or pergolas.
•  Framework for concrete driveways and paths.
•  Building and installing kitchen cabinets and other cabinetry.
•  Building fences.
•  Laying timber flooring.

There are lots of other reasons why it might be best to call in an experienced Brisbane carpenter, so if in doubt, always give them a call and ask for a quote.