How to find the best Brisbane carpenter for your next project

Most people need a carpenter in Brisbane at one time or another, but did you know that there are different types of carpenters, who do different things? Some carpenters specialise in framing, formwork, roofing and other structural work, others lay floor joists and yet others specialise in trims and mouldings. Knowing which type of carpenter you need for the job is only the first step in finding a good carpenter. 


Brisbane builders always have a few different carpenters on their work teams, and Jeb Built is no different. We have carpenters that work as a team on our building and renovation projects, but who can also be hired for individual jobs by clients. If you are searching for a carpenter for your small project, here are five questions you need to ask before finalising your selection.

 1. Are they qualified?

You always want to hire a qualified carpenter, rather than a handyman, because you can be sure of a professional outcome. Carpenters spend years honing their craft to become a specialist woodworker and can turn their hand to almost any job that requires their type of expertise. Every qualified carpenter needs a license to practice their craft, but there are different classes of licences: general carpentry, formwork, framing, lattice, and joinery. You can check whether or not a carpenter has the appropriate licence on the Licenced Trades website.

 2. Do they have the right type of experience?

There’s no point in hiring a friend to build new kitchen cupboards, if they specialise in structural carpentry, even if they are a qualified carpenter. They might do a good job, but because it’s not their area of expertise and they have no experience making cabinetry, you can’t be sure of a good result. There may also be different design styles to factor in, so for example a carpenter in Brisbane may have worked on styles which are quite different to projects in Melbourne or Sydney. So always ask about their experience, so that you can select the best carpenter for the job.

 3. Are they insured?

All tradies need some form of insurance if they operate on their own, these can include Public Liability, Property and Tools, Personal Accident, Worker’s Compensation, and Professional Indemnity. You always need to ask for evidence of these insurance policies, because for example, if they bring along an apprentice and they are injured on your property, you might be up for Worker’s Compensation, if the carpenter doesn’t have this insurance.

 4. Do they provide detailed quotes?

You should expect any professional carpenter in Brisbane to give you a detailed quote covering all the work involved in the project. If they just give you a verbal quote, you won’t have anything to support a complaint, if they ask for more money before the job is completed. The written quote should include all labour and materials to complete the work.

 5. What guarantees do they provide?

Any professional tradesperson will guarantee their work and depending on the materials that are used, the lifetime of the materials as well. You should ask about these guarantees, because if something goes wrong during the warranty period, you may well be able to make a claim against the carpenter or firm that supplied the materials.

If you want a fully qualified and experienced carpenter in Brisbane to work on your project, why not call the team at JEB Built on 0431 065 019 or shoot us an email today.