Checklist for a successful office fit out

Given that an office fit out is an expensive investment and you don’t want to have to do it very often, you need to plan it well and then work the plan! To help you make a start on these renovations, we have put together a checklist of the most salient points you need to cover.

1. Plan for the future

Why do you want to renovate your office? Do you need more space? Do you want to improve the flexibility of your office space? Include new technology, impress your customers, enhance the working environment to increase productivity, grow your business? There are many reasons why a renovation is important, but for a successful renovation, you need to know why it’s important and then plan for the future, as well as for your current needs.

2. Consider innovative office fit out designs

Do your own research and find out what’s trending in the world of office renovations. This will give you ideas that might work with your space, particularly if you are thinking of your future needs. For example, hot desks are a great option to increase the flexibility of your office, as well as desks that can move on wheels! Then there are standing desks that can be lowered and raised, and multipurpose shared spaces that massively ramp up the flexibility in your office.

3. Do you want to use cloud technology?

If you move to the cloud, this can have two significant impacts on your office fit out renovations. First of all, you won’t need to keep updating and maintaining a bank of servers, which can save you a lot of money in both the short and long term and free up much needed space. Second, cloud computing gives you the option of allowing some of your employees to work remotely. This not only frees up more space in the office, but also brings your company up to date with what employees want from their employer. If you are organising an office renovation, now’s the time to set this in motion. 

4. Do you want to invest in sustainable practices?

These include a paperless office, solar power, smart lighting, tinted windows and green spaces. There’s lots of ways you can include sustainable and eco-friendly practices into your office fit out, it just takes a little forethought; a renovation is the ideal time to make these changes. It’s also a wise move, because more and more customers are turning to companies that support sustainable practices and employees also appreciate an employer who is environmentally friendly.

5. Organise a budget & quotes

Once you know exactly what you need to achieve with your renovations, you can put together a realistic budget and start asking for quotes. It’s a good idea to select a builder who has experience with commercial renovations and a good reputation within the local community. Another big factor in your decision is that the builder is easy to talk to and pays attention to your requirements. You also want the quote to include everything from the design brief, technical plans, delivery of materials and construction time frames.

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