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5 Reasons why a quality shop renovation is so important

In the market for a shop renovation? Every retail store needs to update their interior to keep their store relevant to consumers, but when you lease a space within a shopping mall, these renovations are specified in your lease. So whether it’s part of your lease or simply because you want to update your retail store, sooner or later you will have to invest in renovations. However, if you know that these renovations need to be scheduled soon, but are still having difficulty committing to the process, here are four reasons why it’s past time to make it happen!

   1. You can design a more efficient use of the space

Traffic flow through your store is an essential component of your success, because a smooth flow increases customer satisfaction, leading to more sales, whilst a poor flow leads to customer dissatisfaction and fewer sales. Your POS needs to be positioned in the best location, products need to be shown to their best advantage and displays need to be positioned to catch the eye as customers walk through your store. Also, don’t forget that a well-considered shop renovation can also help your employees keep an eye on customers inside your shop, making it more difficult for shoplifters to be successful.

  2. A shop renovation can make employees happier in their work

When you renovate your retail store you can inspire your employees to worker harder and better! Happy employees lead to more sales, because they interact well with your customers and help to sell your products. When your employees are enthusiastic with your store’s new design, layout and style, their work is more enjoyable, they are more motivated and more productive! A store that looks refreshed, trendy, modern and beautiful is just the ticket to enthuse your employees with more energy, resulting in more sales.

   3. Ramp up your sales!

Renovating your store will automatically encourage customers to explore what’s changed and hopefully, if you have selected the right type of design interior and flow through, will motivate them to keep coming back. The right type of shop renovation can attract more customers and generate more sales, particularly if a customer’s in-store experience has been enhanced! Spending money on your shop and renovating it sends a clear message to your customers that you are proud of your store and intend to stay around, which is good news in today’s retail market. In fact, Australian research has shown that retail store renovations can increase sales by up to 50%, which is a good reason to make the investment sooner, rather than later.

   4. Shop renovations can give you a competitive edge

With so much competition in the retail space, whatever you can do to increase your sales and profits will give you a competitive edge. So when your competitors hold back from renovating their store due to budget constraints, this gives you a clear shot and a smooth ride to more sales! A  shop renovation is the ideal way to compete with other retail stores in the same market space, because a new trendy image can easily lure your competitor’s customers into your store.

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