Design trends for your commercial kitchen fit out in 2017

Are you looking for a commercial kitchen fit out this year? As we all know, trends come and go and whilst you don’t want to have to renovate your commercial kitchen every year, it pays to be on-trend if you are tackling a new fit out.

As commercial builders in Brisbane, we know that the best planned commercial kitchens depend on good ergonomic design, a safe and efficient flow through, and lots of preparation and storage space. How you put all of this together depends on whether you want an open plan kitchen or one that is tucked away out of sight from the customers.

So here are our tips for the latest design trends for a commercial kitchen fit out this year.

Open plan commercial kitchens

This is one of the biggest design trends for a commercial kitchen fit out. The pros of this type of kitchen design are that customers can see into the kitchen and you can introduce both theatre and interaction into the cooking process. The cons of an open kitchen concept are that everyone and everything is on display at all times.

This open plan design for a commercial kitchen fit out means that you need to find commercial builders in Brisbane who understand this type of concept and how to translate it into a workable space. After all, any mistakes in the design of your kitchen are going to be seen by everyone, including your customers.

Despite the problems with this open plan design, there are many examples of very successful open plan commercial kitchens, which have been taken up by a range of ventures, from fast food chains to boutique cafes and fine dining restaurants.

High tech kitchen equipment

Since nearly 40% of the energy consumption in a restaurant is due to the power needed in the kitchen, energy consumption has become a topical issue. High tech solutions are one strategy that has become trendy, resulting in touchscreens for large appliances that ensures precise calibrations, as well as the installation of energy efficient appliances.

Commercial builders in Brisbane who are experienced in kitchen fit outs will be on top of these design trends, giving you all the support you need to redesign your commercial kitchen this year.

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