4 Questions to ask a potential renovation company

If you have decided to make changes to your home, then you need a professional renovation
company on your team. Of course, you can DIY your own renovations, but this can cost you a lot
more money and run months over time, because project managing your own renovations is a big

So the solution is to find a renovation expert, who has the right contacts to purchase all of the
materials at wholesale prices and has a team of qualified tradies on hand. To help you find the right renovation company for your home make-over, here are 4 questions you should ask any potential candidate.

1. Do they have the right experience?

There are lots of builders available, but many of them focus on new builds, as this is where they make most of their money. This means that they are not very experienced in adding on extensions and redesigning the interior of a building, all of which takes skill to ensure that the result looks flawless.

2. What is their time frame?

Some builders are already booked up for months ahead and won’t be able to start your renovations for quite some time. Others may take on multiple renovations at the same time, spreading their tradies across jobs, which is fine for them, but can blow out the end date of your project. You want a renovation expert who can slot your work in neatly and complete it within a reasonable time frame.

3. Who will be onsite every day?

You need to know who will be on site every day and who you can talk to about the schedule, materials and any changes you might need. So you want to know when the project manager or renovation expert will be available to discuss the progress of your renovation with you on-site.

4. How will they protect your belongings?

Whether you move out for the renovations or continue to live in the house, it is vital that you discuss the security and protection of your belongings with the project manager. A professional renovation company will have these answers immediately, because they understand the importance of this topic to their clients.

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