Looking for a Café Fitout in Brisbane? Avoid these 3 common Shop Renovation Mistakes

Any mistakes you make with your café or shop renovation can be very costly, not only because you need to rectify these mistakes, but also because they can disengage your customers and reduce your profits. This means that a commercial fitout in Brisbane needs to be high quality, speedy and affordable, so it is certainly worth your while to find a builder who has a reputation for high quality work and is experienced in commercial fit outs.

Problems with a café fitout in Brisbane

One of the problems when you have a café is that you need both a kitchen fit out and a shop renovation, so you have to be extra careful to avoid mistakes in both areas. A kitchen fit out has to provide a safe and hygienic working area, and the front of your café has to offer comfortable seating and an area for the sale of complimentary items.

So here are 3 common mistakes you can make when you have to combine a kitchen fit out with a shop renovation.


  1. Not budgeting correctly: With a limited budget, you need to split your money between the kitchen fit out and the shop renovation. If you are starting your commercial fitout in Brisbane from scratch, then you might need to spend at least 75% of your budget on the kitchen and the remainder on the décor, seating and shelving for the front of your café.
  2. Poor layout: For a café fitout in Brisbane, the layout is important for both the kitchen and the customer seating area. You need adequate room for table and chairs, as well as a walkway to your sales area and service desk. The kitchen also needs an efficient layout, so that staff can safely and easily navigate around stoves, ovens and preparation areas.
  3. Managing your project on your own: With such an important café and shop renovation, it is easy to try and save money and manage it all yourself. This is a big mistake that can lead to spending your hard earned money in the wrong areas, resulting in costly mistakes and poor sales.

Your first step is to get a quote online for your café and kitchen fit out in Brisbane from a reputable builder who is experienced in this type of commercial fitout.