5 Tips on getting the most out of your commercial refurbishment in Brisbane

Taking on a commercial refurbishment is a big deal, requiring a substantial budget and sufficient time to complete the job. No-one takes on a shop renovation or an office fit out in Brisbane without giving it some serious thought, so when you have made the final decision to go ahead, you need as much experienced help as you can find. To keep you on the right track with your commercial refurbishment, here are the JEB BUILT top 5 tips for a successful conclusion to your renovations.

  1. Ensure sufficient lighting: Whether you are renovating an office space or signing up for a shop renovation, adequate lighting is essential. Natural light is always the best option, but this is not always possible, particularly if your premises or retail store is inside a shopping mall. So consider installing the latest LED lights, as these are very cost effective and are sufficient if you lack natural light.
  2. Build for the future: For an office fit out in Brisbane, consider whether you need a more flexible working space to accommodate changing numbers of staff over time. For a shop renovation, you must consider the trending colours and designs that are popular today, as well as updating your POS system to provide flawless sales.
  3. Maximise the use of space: You pay for every foot of space you use, so it pays to maximise the use of your office or retail space as much as possible. If this involves a redesign of how you use the space, then a shop renovation or an office fit out in Brisbane is the ideal time to reconfigure the layout.
  4. Quality furniture and fittings: For a retail renovation, customers can always tell the difference between low and high quality fittings, so always use the best fittings you can afford on your budget. For an office fit out, spend your money on high quality computer chairs and desks for your staff and some comfortable seating for the break area.
  5. Invest in professional help: Trying to organise and manage your shop renovation or your office fit out in Brisbane on your own is a recipe for disaster. It always pays to find professional help from a contractor who is experienced in commercial refurbishments.

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