What does a commercial refurbishment in Brisbane typically cost?

When you need a new commercial refurbishment for your business, you want to find the best price possible. The problem is that whether you need a shop renovation or an office fit out in Brisbane, there are fixed costs which your contractor cannot avoid.

Let’s take a look at these fixed costs and also at some of the other costs involved in your commercial refurbishment, where you might have some room to negotiate.

Fixed costs for your commercial refurbishment

The fixed costs for any shop renovation or office fit out in Brisbane are concerned with the payments the contractor makes to his or her employees. Whoever the contractor employees to work on your commercial renovation will expect to receive the going rate, which is why a contractor can only negotiate their overall costs down to a certain point – they have to pay the tradies!

Negotiable costs for your commercial refurbishment

There are a couple of areas where you might negotiate your costs down for both a shop renovation and an office fit out in Brisbane, but even so, many contractors give you a fair quote, which doesn’t leave them much wiggle room. The first costs you can negotiate are the materials, because if you can source these cheaper than the contractor, then obviously, this is a win-win situation.

Remember however, that the contractor has built up a network of wholesalers and suppliers, so you might not be able to beat his prices. The second and final area you might be able to negotiate a lower price is the contractor’s profit.

As you can appreciate, every builder or contractor needs to make a profit or else there is no point in being in business. So how much you can reduce the overall costs of your commercial refurbishment, depends entirely on the goodwill of your contractor and how much profit he is prepared to lose on your project. Many builders already work on a fine profit margin, so you might not be able to lower your costs very much at all.

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