Steps to ensure a smooth process for your shop or office fit out in Brisbane

As most business owners are aware, an office or shop fit out can either run smoothly or can be inundated with problems. This is why it takes a fair amount of planning and discussion to finalise your plans, before you can actually commence your shop or office fit out.

In Brisbane, the team at JEB BUILT have a solid reputation for professional and high quality fit outs, and over the years we have put together a number of tips that will make your office or shop renovation run smoothly. Here are three of these tips that should help you to create a space that is suitable for both your employees and your customers.

Ask for employee input into your office or shop fit out

It is a good idea to ask your employees if they have any suggestions for your new fit out. After all, many of them will have been working in the space for a number of years and might have some very valuable suggestions that will help you to design a more workable space. Some of these suggestions for your office or shop fit out might not fit in with your design or your budget, but nevertheless, you might be surprised at the type of improvements that can be included.

Consider a multiple use space

A multiple use space is usually more suitable for an office fit out, and one of the best ways to achieve this type of design is to have an open plan space. This gives you the ability to add, subtract and alter the configurations of your workstations, as well as designing a communal tech hub area for your printers, fax machines etc.

Create a realistic time frame for your renovations

With a shop or office fit out in Brisbane, we usually find a few teething problems with a new design, which, depending on the cause, can interrupt the operation of your business. This usually means that it is safer to add an extra day or two to your estimated downtime in order to make sure that your new renovations are totally complete and your business is ready for operation once again.

If you are planning for a shop or office fit out in Brisbane, you can get a quote online or call us on 0431 065 019 to have a chat about your new renovations.