5 Questions to ask your home kitchen renovator

The team at JEB BUILT are well-known for our high quality kitchen renovations in Brisbane. So if you are looking for the best builder in Brisbane, here are 5 questions to ask your potential builder.

1. Can I improve my kitchen’s layout? 

If you already have professionally designed plans for your kitchen renovations, then you can skip this question. Otherwise, it is worth asking the builder’s opinion, because many of them have a good eye for design and know what will and won’t work in your space.

2. Do you have any customer testimonials? 

It is important that you have confidence in your builder, and one of the ways this can be achieved is to read testimonials from previous clients in Brisbane. Kitchen renovations are a serious financial investment, and these testimonials will help to give you a clear indication of how well you might work together with this builder.

3. Do you have any before and after photos? 

Before and after photos of kitchen renovations in Brisbane homes are vital to helping you make your final decision. When you look at these photos you want to see a range of renovations of different styles and sizes. If all you see are the same design repeated over and over, then if this doesn’t gel with your design style, you might want to look elsewhere.

4. Do you have a network of suppliers? 

Any builder that has been in the industry for a few years will have built up a network of suppliers for their building materials and for kitchen fixtures. As these will be at wholesale prices, employing a builder can help to keep your renovation costs down.

5. Is the quote the final price? 

You need to be confident that the builder will not leave anything out of their quote, costing you even more money, after you have signed the contract. Of course, any changes you make after the contract is signed will involve further costs, but you don’t want to be surprised with paying extra for something that you thought was included in the quote.

If you want the best builder in Brisbane for your kitchen renovations, you can get a quote online or call us on 0431 065 019.