Builders in Brisbane draw inspiration from international construction trends

Traditionally, builders in Brisbane have made changes to their building and construction methods, based on regulatory changes. Lately however, innovation has started to drive these changes, driven by increasing manufacturing and construction costs, innovations in digital and home automation technology and a greater focus on sustainability.

JEBBUILT is always searching for new technologies, materials and construction methods. This means that we can offer our retail clients the very latest shop fit out designs. We can also offer our home owners the best in home automation and energy efficiency and for our commercial clients, the most sustainable building materials on the market.

As a professional builder and carpenter in Brisbane, these building and construction innovations are not only exciting, but will help pave the way for more sustainable buildings in the future. Let’s take a look at some of these innovations that will have a positive impact on builders in Brisbane and subsequently, on how we build for a sustainable future.

Design flexibility comes with innovation

Modular designs using pre-fabricated components offer a low cost and very flexible housing option for many Australians. These are flat-pack homes that can be raised fast and can be jam packed with energy efficient technology.

Concrete panel construction is another fast building process that is taking off overseas. Buildings can be raised much more quickly with this type of construction, than with traditional building methods. Up until recently, concrete has not been the most eco-friendly of materials, however new standards for sustainable concrete production now mean that builders in Brisbane can now reduce your carbon footprint, by using concrete that has been certified as sustainable.

How about 3D printing your new home? There are actually houses across the world that have been built using 3D technology, offering sustainability, low cost and environmental friendly construction that is super-fast. Whilst builders in Brisbane are unlikely to be using a 3D printer to build your home this year, since NASA has plans to build a Mars colony using this technology, it won’t be too far into the future.

Modular homes, concrete panels and 3D printing are just some of the innovations that will begin to drive the building and construction industry in Australia and JEBBUILT intends to stay at the forefront of this movement.

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