How important is shop renovation?

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A high quality shop renovation is still important to bringing consumers in through your doors. Even though the vast majority of retail sales are still made in physical stores, this is no time for shop owners to be complacent. More and more, consumers are shopping online and that is simply going to increase as time moves on.
So you might ask, that since you have an online website, what does it really matter where the consumer purchases your products – a sale is still a sale isn’t it?
Well you are right, but when you have a shopper in your store it is so much easier to upsell to them face-to-face than it is online. So it still comes down to encouraging shoppers into your physical store, which brings us back to the importance of shop renovations and taking advantage of companies who can smoothly liaise with Brisbane renovation architects.

So why is shop renovation still important?

With omni-channel retailing, your store still needs to appeal to the changing needs of the consumer. Omni-channel retailing is all the rage right now and is when a customer buys online, but comes into your store to collect their products. This gives you the opportunity to upsell to them, to enrol them in your loyalty program or to personally invite them to a new product launch.
Don’t forget that renovating your shop on a predefined schedule is also quite often a condition of a lease in the larger shopping malls. So this is the perfect time to bring a Brisbane renovation architect on-board along with a renovation company that specialises in commercial retail fit-outs.
It is always a challenge when you need to renovate your store, because you want to minimise your downtime, whilst at the same time maximise your potential profits from the refit. There is no doubt however, that consumers like a newly designed store, because they become bored with the old layout and decor and appreciate a new vibe.
So don’t despair if you need a new shop renovation, think of it as an opportunity to re-engage with your customers and to bring new customers into your store.