What qualifications does a renovation expert have?

If you are ready to make some serious changes to your current property, then you really need the services of a renovation expert. The problem is in finding a renovation company who are not simply residential builders, but who also have the experience of renovating properties as well. Building companies that only build new homes, won’t have the right type of experience you need, because as we all know, trying to retro fit your plans into your current home can reveal a myriad of complex problems. So you want a builder who has lots of experience in renovating properties and is really a renovation expert.

How to select a renovation company

The company you finally select must be residential builders, because you want them to have the knowledge and the experience of building new homes. With this foundation, they will have a sound basis on which to understand how to renovate properties.

In reality, builders who specialise in renovations, must have a high level of problem solving skills, because renovations never run smoothly. For example, if you are extending your kitchen and building an addition to your home, you don’t want your new extension to appear different on the exterior to the rest of your house.

If you need new plumbing for an extension and your current home is quiet old, then you will need someone who can join the two systems together. In a way, renovating is much like fixing a series of problems, but with an overall design in mind.

On the other hand, residential builders who just build new homes, start from the ground up and just follow a set of plans. There are not any real problem solving skills required, it is just like fitting Lego together. The real challenges come with renovating a property, so you need to ensure that the builder you choose, has performed and managed plenty of similar renovations. This way you can have confidence that they will know how to complete your renovation to perfection.

So in summary, there are no specific set of qualifications needed by a renovation expert, except that they need to be experienced builders, capable of project managing and problem solving.