5 tips for a successful commercial fit out in Brisbane

A commercial fit out in Brisbane is simply a part of the retail world. The problem is that many store owners or managers make the entire process more long winded and complicated than it needs to be. This is where having a guaranteed plan at the beginning of your fit out is always a good idea, removing much of the stress involved in renovating.

To this end, here are 5 tips to make sure that your next commercial fit out in Brisbane runs smoothly.

1. Plan a budget: This is no time to wing it, because with a commercial fit out in Brisbane every dollar counts. Costs can quickly escalate if you are not careful and initial estimates blow out of proportion. So make an all-inclusive budget that includes your building costs, electrics and all of your new decor and internal fittings.

2. Find the right contractor: Not all contractors have the same experience and access to a team of professional tradies. It is important to talk to 3 or 4 different contractors, making sure that they have been involved in your type of fit out before and that they have a history of coming in on time and within budget.

3. Understand the centre fine print: Many commercial fit outs in Brisbane are performed inside shopping malls, so you need to be aware of any restrictions or requirements concerning your fit out, as stated in your lease. Sometimes, contractors can only work between certain hours and materials need to be delivered and removed at certain times and via specific entrances.

4. Think power and data points: With our rapid advances in technology, there is always a need for more power and data outlets in commercial stores. Having to retrofit these, because you didn’t anticipate your needs one or two years down the track is a messy and costly business.

5. Research shop psychology: There are specific colours and internal shop layouts that encourage people to enter, meander and to buy. Ignoring these components is setting yourself up for failure, so always be sure to check out the latest research before you organise your commercial fit out in Brisbane.

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