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What are the average costs of a fitout in Brisbane?

The costs of a fitout in Brisbane obviously depends on many factors, one of which is the type of fitout you require. Prices will be quite different between a commercial kitchen fit out and an office fit out in Brisbane, and if you look at the cost per hour, it can range from a low of $55/hr to a high of around $80/hr or even more.

These costs usually include all materials, but don’t necessarily include any specialist equipment that you might need, a factor that is particularly relevant in a commercial kitchen fitout. If you want to look at the costs per square metre, you will most probably need to set aside $250/metre for a basic fitout up to $2000+ for a really high-end office fit out in Brisbane.

How are the costs for a fitout in Brisbane calculated?

There are three factors that will influence the cost of your fitout: the size of the area, the complexity of the refit, and how fast you want it accomplished.

Size of your fitout: As you can appreciate, size makes a big difference to your costs. As an example, the cost of an office fit out in Brisbane for a one room office will be much cheaper than for an entire floor of office spaces.

Complexity of the refit: The complexity relates to whether you just want a basic fitout in Brisbane or you want an exclusive design with all the bells & whistles. The more complex, orate and custom your fitout, the greater the costs. If you want something that is a bit more than basic, but you are on a limited budget, you can of course, discuss this with your builder and maybe compromise on certain areas to achieve your overall custom design.

Time frame of the fitout: If you are short on time and need your commercial kitchen fit out completed by a specific date that isn’t far away for example, then your costs will increase. This is because most builders are already committed to a number of builds or refits and will need to reschedule some projects and hire more tradies to complete your job. Your costs will be much lower if you can wait until the builder has an opening and can slot your job into their schedule.

Your fitout in Brisbane can also potentially cost you more money if you pay the builder by the hour for a complex design, so it pays to ask about their cost per metre and their time frame to completion. This way you can select the most affordable option for your commercial kitchen, retail or office fit out in Brisbane.

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