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How to save money on a commercial fit out in Brisbane by a renovation expert

Most commercial businesses need to invest in a commercial fit out in Brisbane at some time or another, if for no other reason than to remain up to date for customers. If you are considering a shop renovation in the near future, here are 4 money saving tips from a renovation expert.

  1. Invite tenders: This is one of the best ways to save money on a commercial fit out in Brisbane, because it allows you to compare costs between shopfitters. The big mistake that many people make is to remain with the same shopfitters, simply because they used them for their last shop renovation. Competition and new blood can significantly reduce the overall costs for your renovations.
  2. No unexpected costs: It’s important that you read the quotes very carefully for your shop renovation from each tender, because you want everything to be covered in the quote. Some shopfitters water down their quotes to gain a tender and then start adding on variations that can massively increase your costs. They can also give you a PC quote, meaning that as a Provisional Cost quote, the costs can once again escalate during the fit out process. You will save a significant amount of money if your quote is ‘inclusive’ with no costs added later on (costs that you can’t control).
  3. Liaise with your shopfitters: Once you have selected a shopfitter (who is a renovation expert), make use of their skills by including them in the planning stages, so that nothing important is forgotten. Often, your shopfitter will act as your project manager, which is a win-win situation, because it saves you time and money on your commercial fit out in Brisbane. Experienced shopfitters will ensure that your commercial fitout runs smoothly, because they have a network of suppliers and know all the permits you might need.
  4. Closing for the fitout: The best way to save money during the fit out process, when your store is closed, is to schedule the renovations during a quiet sales period. There is no way that you can avoid lost sales during your shop renovation, but you can minimise these losses by being clever about when you close your store and asking staff to take holidays at the same time.

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