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Foolproof carpentry tips from a Brisbane carpenter and renovation expert

JEB Built is a professional renovation company with a team of expert craftsmen who are extremely skilled in their work. Today, our carpenter in Brisbane who is a renovation expert is sharing some of his carpentry tips for homeowners who want to tackle their own DIY renovations.

  • Perfect mitred corners: These are the bane of all DIY renovators, but the secret is to practice on some spare timber or off-cuts first before you cut into your best timber. Any renovation expert will tell you that it might take a few tries to get the perfect angle, but once you are set, the rest is a breeze.
  • Designing the ideal workbench: As a professional carpenter in Brisbane, moving from job to job means carting everything that is needed for each job in the back of the truck. So when it comes to a workbench, the easiest option is to cobble something together on the spot. All you need is some spare timber and you are good to go, but the trick is ensuring that the outfeed support is the same height as the saw bench.
  • The joy of nail guns: These air-powered trim guns make nailing so much faster and easier. In fact, most carpenters in Brisbane haven’t hand-nailed interior trim in years and they guard their nail guns like gold! You can usually pick one up for around $100, but make sure it shoots 5/8 to 2-inch 18-gauge nails, as this is the most versatile for DIY homeowners.
  • You don’t always need to measure! How often have you measured a trim or a frame and it doesn’t fit? This has even happened to the professionals, so a trick used by most carpenters in Brisbane is to forget the tape measure and hold the trim or frame in place and mark it with a pencil. This way it’s guaranteed to fit, first time.
  • Foolproof templates: Forget using string and stakes to position post holes or footings, because any renovation expert will tell you that the best solution is to tack together the construction lumber to make your marks, put it aside, then dig your holes and bring the timber frame back to set the posts.
  • Framing woes: Framing is a pretty easy job until one of the studs won’t budge and all it needs to move is half a centimetre! Forget banging it with your hammer, because that won’t work. The solution is to hit a big nail through the edge of the stud at an angle, then hit the nail with your hammer and the stud will move swiftly into position.

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