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Pros and cons of a freestanding bath by a renovation expert

As a renovation expert in Brisbane, many of our clients ask us to install a free standing bath during their bathroom makeovers. Ten or twenty years ago, no self-respecting renovation company would consider a freestanding bath for their clients, but with so many reality shows promoting them as luxury items, it’s a difficult choice for renovators.

If you have engaged a residential construction company for your bathroom makeover and are considering a freestanding bath, here are a few of the pros and cons that should help you to make your decision.

Pros of a free standing bath

Without a doubt, a free standing bath will look absolutely fabulous in your bathroom, so as far as aesthetics goes, a free standing bath is the bomb! Another factor in support of these baths is that they don’t need additional framework surrounds or tiled walls and grout, cutting down your costs to the renovation company.

They are also very easy to replace, because you don’t need to dismantle the framing and reframe around the new bath, and even possibly re-tile and regrout the walls. A final tick in the box given by our resident renovation expert for installing a free standing bath is that it can fit anywhere in your bathroom, even in the middle of the room. This makes these baths a very flexible addition to your bathroom, particularly if you adore having a bath.

Cons of a free standing bath

One of the biggest problems with these baths is their cost, because these free-standing baths can run to thousands of dollars. Your residential construction company can most probably source one of these baths from their network of suppliers, but you will still be looking at a bigger cost than a regular bath.

Another big problem even a renovation expert can’t get around is the weight of these baths, because many of the more luxury free-standing baths are made from stone. After all, if you want a statement bath, you don’t want it made from plastic – because you will know it’s not real stone! This additional weight of stone baths means that the floor might need to be reinforced, adding to the costs of your bathroom renovation.

Other negatives include nowhere to put your essentials, such as the shampoo, conditioner, and soap, except for in a bath caddy, handy stool or chair, even a window sill.

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