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Actions to a successful commercial fit out in Brisbane

A successful commercial fit out in Brisbane is an essential step for the growth and expansion of many businesses, regardless of industry. However, it’s important to understand that a commercial refurbishment takes time and can’t be achieved overnight.

This is because there are a number of steps in the process, from preparing the initial briefing to the final handover of the fitout. In Brisbane, we project manage a range of different commercial fitouts, and we find that the one mistake often made by commercial business owners is that they don’t leave themselves enough time for the fitout.

For a complete commercial fit out in Brisbane you will need at least 90 days, starting from the conception and design stage. This 90-day timeframe includes a number of different steps, each which must be completed before we can move forward with your fitout in Brisbane.

Initial considerations: First, you need to prepare a brief of the parameters for your commercial refurbishment, for example retail spaces, offices, store rooms, meeting rooms, open work areas, and so on. This brief will help you to select the right space for your business and give you a design outline to discuss with your contractor.

Select your contractor: This is one of the most vital steps in the entire process, because picking the wrong contractor can jeopardise the quality and completion time of your fitout in Brisbane.

Exchanging contracts: A contract is required to protect both your interests and those of the contractor. This should outline everyone’s obligations, time frames, costs, payments, insurances and dispute resolution procedures for a commercial fit out in Brisbane.

Design details: This is the point in the commercial refurbishment process where you finalise the designs for your contractor and gain all necessary approvals – building regulations, council requirements, fire and safety, and approvals from the landlord of the property.

Construction phase: Your contractor should keep you informed of the progress of your fitout in Brisbane, resolving any new issues and incorporating any new changes you require. Once the construction phase has ended, you will compile a list of any problems that need to be rectified and once these have been resolved with your contractor, your commercial refurbishment is completed and handed over to you for occupation.

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