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Newest trends in residential construction

Apart from open plan living, you might not think that there are any real trends in residential construction. Of course, there are trends in interior design and the choice of colours, but generally, these don’t tend to make any real difference to residential building construction.

So you might be surprised to learn that there are in fact trends that residential builders do pay attention to and one of these major trends is the increase in multiuse spaces. Within this main trend there are quite a few options available, so let’s take a look at a few of these now.

Multiuse spaces in residential construction

Garages: More and more Australians are turning their double garages into multiuse spaces with room to park a car, but also space for a sofa and a TV, gym equipment or pool table. Whilst most people can agree that our garages have long been used as a workshop, there is a growing trend to use them more as an extension to our living spaces, rather than for storing tools. For residential builders, this trend may involve sheeting the walls to make the garage more comfortable, rather than just leaving the bricks exposed.

Pocket offices: Not many of us have the extra room for a home office, so pocket offices have started trending in Australia. Most of us need to use a computer at home for online shopping, banking and paying bills at the very least, so quite often all we need is a small designated computer area or studio at home, instead of an entire office. As far as residential construction is concerned, the ideal spot for a pocket office is in an alcove near the entrance of the home, so you can drop your keys and briefcases when you arrive home and pay the bills at the same time.

Wet rooms & pet rooms: Having a dedicated wet room and pet room is a huge help to many families and is one of the more popular trends in residential building construction. You do need to include extra space in your home design to accommodate this room, but when you need to bath the dogs or everyone is coming in wet and bedraggled (including the dog), having one of these rooms is awesome!

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