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5 Trends to incorporate into your 2018 office fit out in Brisbane

If you are considering a new office fit out in Brisbane over the next 12 months, then to be on top of your game, you need to consider the latest interior design trends that focus on style, comfort and practicality. For some of these trends you will need the services of a skilled carpenter in Brisbane and others you will need a building contractor.

Here are 5 of these trends that you might find useful for your next fitout in Brisbane.

  1. Include bold colours: Gone are the days of bland and uninspired white walls and furnishings, instead an up-to-date office fitout needs to make greater use of colours than ever before. Consider using dark green or navy on the walls, matched with either contrasting or tonal colours in the furnishings and flooring. Remember, bold colours tend to promote productivity, far more than insipid, dull colour schemes.
  2. Add natural greenery: Bringing nature into your office is a well-known strategy to make people feel happier and improve concentration, so select a few well-chosen plants or even a vertical wall of living plants for your new office fit out in Brisbane. If you have an outdoor space, then consider filling it with comfortable outdoor seating mingled amongst a forest of greenery.
  3. Open spaces: Collaboration and large open work areas have now superseded the old hallways of closed offices. An experienced carpenter can easily retrofit your work space to make it more open plan, encouraging teamwork and a sense of community at your Brisbane office.
  4. Flexible spaces: Casual meeting rooms, hot desks, quiet zones and multi-purpose rooms that can be changed to suit a multitude of purposes is very cost effective and practical for today’s businesses. Taking advantage of this design trend for your new fitout in Brisbane will give your employees more options for how they accomplish their work and more satisfaction in their roles.
  5. Comfortable spaces: We have all heard of how Google has transformed their work spaces and now this has become a growing trend for many smaller businesses. In the same vein, you can consider including bike racks and showers in your office fit out in Brisbane, as well as communal kitchens and ‘chill out’ zones or recreational areas.

If you are looking for a skilled carpenter or a new fitout in Brisbane, why not get a quote online today with Jeb Built?