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Do all commercial kitchen fit out companies handle the design aspect?

Are you in the market for a commercial kitchen fit out? If so, do you have your design worked out yet? The design for your kitchen fit out can be quite simple or more complex, it all depends on the size of the kitchen needed for your business.

It comes down to budget

A professional kitchen designer will charge you a hefty fee for designing your new kitchen, then on top of that you will need to pay a construction company to put it all together. This avenue is often better suited to very large commercial kitchens that have big budgets.

For a small to medium sized commercial kitchen fit out, you are much better off going with a construction company who specialises in commercial fit outs in Brisbane. With all of their experience, they will be able to guide you through the design process, pointing out the best configurations for your fittings and the mistakes to avoid.

After all, the design of your kitchen will be limited by the size and shape of the space, so there will only be a few optimal layouts that will be suitable.

What are the components of a good kitchen fit out?

  1. Cleaning and washing: This includes sinks, drying racks and commercial dishwashing machines. These should ideally be located close to the kitchen entrance, so servers can drop off dirty dishes quickly.
  2. Storage: You will need both cold storage and dry storage in your commercial kitchen fit out, as well as non-food storage areas. Keep the non-food storage area separate from the other two storage areas and try to locate the cold and dry storage as close to the delivery area as possible.
  3. Food preparation: Ideally you want separate areas for preparing raw meat and for vegetables in your kitchen fit out, locating them as close to the storage areas as possible for easy access.
  4. Cooking: The best location for your ovens, stoves and grills is as close to the service area as possible, as this cuts down on the time the food is left waiting to be served.
  5. Service: This is the area where the servers pick up the food, so in your new kitchen fit out it needs to be located right next to the entry of the restaurant into the kitchen.

For more information on commercial fit outs in Brisbane, why not get a quote online today?