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What are the most common office fit out mistakes in Brisbane?

Since we take on many office fit outs in Brisbane, we see plenty of mistakes that have been made during previous renovations. It’s fair to say that when you are ready for a new office fitout in Brisbane, it’s always best to hire a renovation expert, rather than tackle the design yourself.

This is because there are five common mistakes that we see far too often and which could have been avoided, if a professional had been involved in the design and implementation of the renovation.

  1. Forgetting to liaise with your landlord: This is a big problem we see far too often, when the business owner is ready to start renovations, but it all comes to a screeching halt because their landlord disagrees with one of their decisions. Common problems that can occur are that the contractors can’t work during normal business hours and they can’t use the lifts to bring up their materials for the office fit out in Brisbane.
  2. Not setting a firm budget: As we are all aware, the costs of a fitout in Brisbane can escalate for a variety of reasons outside of anyone’s control. This is where you need a renovation expert on board, so that you have enough money for the building work, the fitout itself and a contingency fund.
  3. Not selecting the right contractor:  Not all building contractors are equal, some are more experienced with particular types of renovation projects than others. It’s essential that you talk to any potential contractors and find out whether they have experience in the type of office fit out you need, as well as asking for testimonials and examples of their work.
  4. Forgetting to consider data points: One of the biggest mistakes we see in office fit outs in Brisbane is that the business owner doesn’t consider their future needs, as far as power points and data outlets are concerned. This might seem like a simple oversight, but over time it can become a real stress to the ongoing success of your business and the productivity of your staff.
  5. Not hiring a project manager: Not all contractors and renovation experts are project managers, an issue that you most probably won’t discover until a major problem surfaces. Always ensure that your contractor can take on the project management role and ask or testimonials and evidence.

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