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Tips for an environmentally friendly commercial fit out in Brisbane

Are you interested in an environmentally friendly commercial fit out in Brisbane? With so many consumers aware of climate change and the green movement, solar panels and low carbon footprints, it make sense to incorporate some of these ideas into your next commercial fit out.

Everything from the equipment and appliances you use to the materials you choose can all help to save our environment, reduce your carbon footprint and save your company money in the long term. Consumers are fully aware of the state of our environment are starting to veer towards companies that support environmentally friendly strategies, so it makes sense to consider a few of the following ideas in your commercial fit out in Brisbane.

  • Eco friendly partitions: Using partitions instead of structural walls to separate working spaces, meeting rooms and even lunch spaces offers maximum flexibility for your employees. Efficiency is increased when you can change the size of your work zones to suit your changing needs and if you erect these partitions from sustainable materials, all the better.   
  • Organise your lighting: Leaving lights on all night long or in rooms that are not being used is a good way to increase your power bills and waste energy. The eco-friendly strategy is to install LED lighting and motion detectors that turn on lights when they detect motion and turn them off when motion is no longer detected. Another tip here is to maximise the amount of natural light in your work spaces by installing skylights if possible, bay windows and even translucent wall panels to add more light into dark areas.
  • Sustainable flooring: If you need to replace the flooring during your commercial office fit out companies in Brisbane, your first port of call should be an environmentally friendly material such as bamboo or recycled timber. Both of these materials are hard wearing, comfortable underfoot and will help to reduce your carbon footprint. You could also consider polished concrete, because even though it’s not a very green material, it’s extremely long lasting, tough, durable and easy to keep clean.

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