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4 Questions you should ask residential and commercial builders in Brisbane

Most people have a good idea of the right questions to ask their residential or commercial builders in Brisbane, but it’s fair to say that they usually forget at least one of the following four essential questions.

How late into the build can I make changes?

The more changes you make during the build, the more expensive your costs and the longer time to completion, so ideally, you don’t want to make any changes at all! If you think you might need to make changes however, it’s important to ask your commercial or residential builders for the cut-off date, because if you cross this line, be ready to open your cheque book!

When can you visit the site?

The more often you turn up on site, the more you interrupt their work, pushing out the completion date and making your residential or commercial builders cranky! Obviously you need to visit the site to make sure that everything is going to plan, so expect to visit after the slab has dried fully, after the framing is complete, at the lock up stage and of course, a final inspection before handover. Always check these inspection times however, just so you are on the same page.

How many trades people will be on site each day?

If you are renovating, rather than taking on a new build, and you will be living in your home during these renovations, it’s a good idea to find out how many people will be on-site each day. This will change over the course of the renovation, but it’s always best to ask your residential builders, so you can be prepared for the days when you have thirty tradies all working at one time on your home!

What time do they start and finish each day?

This is really only relevant if you are living through a renovation, but it’s important to know what time the trades will turn up and leave every day, for your sanity if nothing else! You won’t want the builders watching your every move at home and residential builders also like to be left alone to do their work, so it’s a win-win situation really.

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