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3 Tips on designing commercial interiors and office fit outs in Brisbane

As commercial builders in Brisbane, we understand how overwhelmed you can feel when faced with a new office fit out or remodel. Commercial interiors require a special type of design that is completely different to a residential design, so whilst it can be challenging, it can also be the perfect time to make a big change or even rebrand your business.

If you are faced with an impending office fit out in Brisbane this year, we have 3 simple tips that will make the entire process much easier and less daunting.

Is the space suitable for your growing business?

You don’t want to spend your capital on a new office fit out if in 2 years’ time you need to move to a bigger space. So always select a commercial space that has room to grow with your business and think about the flexibility of the space as well.

For example, if the existing commercial interior contains partitions, do you like them or even need them in your refit? Is there sufficient space to add private meeting rooms or will you need to make do with an open plan arrangement? Do you need the space to be completely rewired to suit your IT requirements and how much will it cost?

Prepare a brief for your office fit out

Commercial builders in Brisbane can help you explore many of the options within your space, discussing what you can and can’t achieve, but the final design brief will be down to you. If you still have lots of unanswered questions concerning the design of your commercial interior, don’t worry, because they will start to solidify as soon as you put together your design brief.

Obtain approval for your office fit out from the landlord

When you rent commercial office space, you need to discuss your renovations with the landlord and you might even need to obtain council approval. Commercial builders in Brisbane will know whether or not you need to obtain council permits, so once you have finalised your brief with your designer and landlord, sit down with your builder to talk about any necessary permits for the work.

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